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Hide details for Chat (SameTime)Chat (SameTime)
CJMS8WM55NFixes problem where user opening delegated mail file, that had Sametime enabled, would receive errors on IE, if sidebar was opened. This is a...
Hide details for chat(Sametime)chat(Sametime)
ESPR8SJJUQ Fixes issue where delegated users are unable to create new Calendar or Group ToDo entries.
Hide details for Cleint UICleint UI
DWHD8XGN5ZFixes issue there the activities quickfind does not show any results if the activitiy name contains certain special characters.
SNES8WZPEZFixes error message 'CN=Firstname Lastname/O=orgname" received when trying to ppen a mail file using the Other Mail>>Open Other Mail option and the...
Hide details for ClientClient
WHAM6QDBPAFixes Notes Client crash with NLSCCSTR._LNL_find_ascii & NLSCCSTR._NLS_find_ascii & nnotes._NLS_find_ascii when using Citrix
Hide details for Client AccessibilityClient Accessibility
SRKM8SENH5Fixed an intermittent Notes client crash while performing a 'copy into new message' when original message had an attachment..
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
PBAO8SFPD4Fixed an intermittent issue where the Preferences dialog box disappears behind the Notes client window.
ADC8SG94E Fixes an intermittent Notes Client crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function CLSUIDocument::RemoveScriptObject.
ADC8TS93BFixes Unknown Error in process Unknown and function SkinButtonWndProc.
PANN8UAKM3Fixes Notes client issue where the navigator size decreases and the Basic style view opens if the database is closed and reopened and has Restore as...
TMDS77SMHRFixes issue where when creating a memo from stationery, autosave will save multiple copies of the memo.
LQPG8FEDXMFixes intermittent Notes crash when opening a database from a link,
LKIM7D6RA4Fixes a potential Notes Client crash with the error message: "Insufficient Memory- local heap is full" switching calendar views. This issue occurs if...
CLUG8VLSBAFixes issue where the Sametime awareness status on the embedded BusinessCard within a chat window can get out of sync if a hover BusinessCard for the...
CLUG8VLRWTFixes issue where the 'recent updates' view within the Activities sidebar had one section that worked only for English.
DCHR8N7HZEFixes issue on MAC 10.7 where dates display incorrectly in the Appointment "Repeat" Dialog.
MLEY8NTJYUFixes intermittent Notes Client crash when printing from Slelected View
Hide details for ContactsContacts
RGET8RQTYHFixed a problem where large number of deletion stubs remained in Contacts database. With this fix, every 30 days the stubs that are greater than 90...
RCFE8KDU37 Fixes issue where Recent Contacts from the primary Notes client are not roamed successfully to server or additional roamed client.
Hide details for CSI ViewpartCSI Viewpart
AMIL8KRP3EFixes issue where the Federated Calendar does not update when a meeting is canceled
JXBI8SMBPY Fixes issue where Calendar entries start time are displayed as 'Continued" in the One Month view + Show Summary. This is a regression in...
Show details for Data CollectionData Collection


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