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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for Applet ComponentApplet Component
SODY8EAJMRFixed an issue where pressing enter to move from document to document in a Notes database would hang if a document contained an...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
KRAU89RN75The dialog "The installation of the IBM Lotus Control has been blocked or declined. Do you want to use the IBM Lotus Control on new messages?" was...
DBRK7NQL4XExtracting files from a zip in notes on Vista extracts to the originally suggested folder instead of the one specified by the end user in the dialog...
CJMS8D2SZ4Fix problem where iNotes fails to send message with attachment if the URL is very long and the IE ActiveX file attachment control is...
THIO8B9FYCFix resolves an issue where Applefile Attachments Are Not Displayed On iNotes. This is a regression in 8.5.1.
KYOE7LC6P9Users are unable to choose "Save All Selected" to save off attachments in a document if the group policy enabling "Hide the dropdown list of recent...
SDOY8ELM6GEditing certain Mails containing attachments in iNotes would yield "A problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation to fail". ...
CSAO8G98A6Fixed problems when attempting to open application specific attachments from iNotes when the ActiveX file attachment utility is...
CTSI8ESSVQProvided better attachment saving support from iNotes for various browser configurations..
JACE88399XFixed a problem that non-ASCII attachment name becomes garbled on iNotes when try to forward multiple documents with attachment.
SDOY8HMCXVFixed problem where a user is prompted for login credentials when attempting to open a ".wmv" file attachment from a message with iNotes running IE...
SDOY8GBMDNResolved problem when a file attachment with a ".pps" extension is saved with a ".ppt" extension from iNotes with IE and when Microsoft Office is...
NKEY8APHRRFixed a problem where an attachment could not be dragged and dropped into a new iNotes message until after the Attachments area was expanded by the...
SDOY8GBK5KFixed problem with not being able to open up certain file attachment types (e.g. .GZ) from a message with iNotes running on IE6
SDOY8GBKTP Fixed problem with not being able to open up certain file attachment types (e.g. .7z) from a message with iNotes running on IE6
SDOY8GXFFCResolved issus where a user is incorrectly prompted for login credientials when opening a file attachment in a message with iNotes.
STAA895ERFFixed scenario where the filename extension is stripped when saving a file attachment from a message using iNotes with the ActiveX installed, and...
Hide details for Cache ModeCache Mode
GHAT8ATNCHFor 8.5.2 FP2, on conversion from local replica to Managed Mail Replica, we will now configure the existing entry with all default Managed Mail...
KKIL8DTLQ7Fix to prevent potential replication problems with Managed Mail Replicas converted from local replicas in 8.5.2.
WTON8BVTDM Resolved issue where server based locations were not being updated with the correct mail path when a policy to create a local mail replica is pushed...
ARON89DK2XFix auto retrieval of documents truncated in a managed mail replica when the documents are only encrypted $SealData items. Before this fix, the...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
MKRT8A6PTAFixed the issue where the Calendar Summary view was not showing the entry border in High Contrast Black
SJCN7XHQJBFixed the issue where pressing 'Esc' in Calendar Edit mode closes the Calendar itself
SJCN7XHN4DFixed an issue where an inline edit of a calendar entry containing location information would cause the location info to get appended to the...
THIO79KGFDProvide support for opening another user's Calendar from the Group Calendar view, when running iNotes configured in an ICM...
LJAS8ACNGKFixed a problem in iNotes where an invitee may not be able to accept/decline a meeting invitation that is sent by an external chair. The problem...


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